May 3, 2010

Let down

With her eyes on the road,
Heart racing faster than ever,
Hands holding her bag ever so tightly,
And her heart to a delusive verity.

A wheel of thoughts in her head,
Even in all that perplexity,
She looked like an angel,
What put her to dismay?

Beauty is brawn free someone said,
Sad she was to uphold the adage,
All is fair in love and war!
But love was not fare to her?

She stood there waiting perpetually,
Her heart hoped he would keep his avowal,
But her brain mattered to differ,
Heart still hoping and brain still cursing.

Ill love you forever he said,
Ill be there for you he vowed,
Come away with me he begged,
But all to be testified that moment.

Neither did he come,
Nor tell a reason or rhyme,
She stood there staring,
Staring at the space he did not fill!  

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