May 4, 2010

Inwards Happiness

Religious discourses have fascinated me. Since my know-how in Hindu mythology is very limited I have never understood the discourse fully. I was arranging my CD collection today that is where I found a discourse of Jakki Vasudev on DVD. The whole content lasted for about one hour. The first half an hour pulled my entire attention.
He spoke about happiness and our search to it.

The moment we are born as a human being a problem arises. Suppose we were animals then food and reproduction would have been the only two ultimate goals. It is very less complicated when compared to the goals of an average human. Then again if a man is under starvation and in terribly impoverished then food will be the only need. But when the basic needs of a man are fulfilled then arises the problem.

No one has ever defined happiness. It is a very relative term. God gave us the 5 sense as a gift but it has become a curse. We can feel a small ant moving on our skin but we cannot feel the liters of blood moving in the body. We can hear the softest of whisper but not the loud clamor from within. We can see so many things but we have turned blind when it comes to looking inwards. Thus the 5 senses are focused outwards. But with good practice we can make them look inwards.

We are in a quest. We are trying to stuff our brain, heart, pocket incessantly. And in all this fuss we forget to be happy. After all for that only we are struggling so much aren't we? Our wish and desire keeps growing with that so does our misery.

Well does this mean that I must leave my life and become an ascetic is a common question. The answer for this is no. We need not drop our goal but we must drop our opinion about them. I must have a dream but the notion that achieving it alone will yield me happiness is wrong. Enjoy the course of actions involved. Make every moment special. Life is short there is not much time to be wasted by being sad. So cheer up. Enjoy every moment. If you are alive then you have a special divine purpose to fulfill. Life is a journey so enjoy the trip till you reach the destination. To do that look inwards. For the world keeps changing but you are immutable.

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