May 2, 2010

Sura Film Review

I have seen many reviews for many movies where there will be a precautionary warning stating SPOILERS AHEAD, but the spoilers are strictly applicable for movies that have something in the name of story or suspense thrillers. But when it comes to Vijay's movies, the term called spoilers rules out based on the following two criteria. Firstly, following the same old story template without deviating any format other than the costume and secondly absolutely no story. Sura falls in the first category of using the perfect story template from his previous 49 movies. I often tend to remind about the story board template in most of the Vijay movies just to set a reminder to all movie buff about the trend or rather the stereotyped stories that's followed in his movies and I have to present the same here as well.

Story Board Template

Title Credits (5 mins being 50th movie) - Hero Introduction with comical scenes - Opening Song with a mass message - Heroine Introduction - Hero's so called Dream project - Villain Introduction - Unnecessary Duet - In between connectionless Comedy - Villain - Hero Clash - A promise to revenge - Intermission (best part in the movie) - Rise of a Phoenix - Another Duet number - In between comedy scenes part 2 - Final battle - At last, THE END.

This time as Vijay quoted in the audio release function, he mentioned about what's different in the movie. The fact he mentioned has got nothing to do with the story but he thought that it's a different story where he fights for a village rather than fighting for his lover/friends/sister etc., Being the 50th movie, there isn't no shortage for punch dialogues and politics aimed dialogues and scenes. As any other Vijay movie, he never fails to entertain us with his comical stunts and illogical scenes. But there are a few scenes that literally beat me to death. I should have seen close to 500 movies in the past 3 years and I never seen such a poor screenplay and illogical scenes in those movies.

There are movies, in fact, loads of movies where love blossoms between Hero and Heroine. In most of the cases, it would be either one of them falling for the others power/courage/smartness/nature/sympathy. I heard love is blind and concluded it after watching this movie. Heroine decides to commit suicide for losing her pet named Ramesh and hero saves her from the suicide attempt. Next day Hero helps a poor man by buying the pens he wanted to sell and that impressed heroine. Come on! Now don't tell me the love blossomed because of helping tendency or the bubbly character of heroine. And pity fact is Tamanna's role as usual is meant only for these cheap and silly romance scenes and of course the Villain has to kidnap her in order to black mail the hero so there comes another presence of Tamanna.

Villain, in the name of a Minister is actually the funniest part of the movie. In Tamil Cinema, we have seen lip mis-sync for heroines and for songs where it usually happens. Here, the villain does the job wherein there is absolutely no lip sync for his powerful dialogues. There is a special package missing here where his movies carry a bunch of different Villains al together. But somehow he managed to pull back a Police Inspector villain, Riyaz Khan towards the end for a revenge attempt situation. Poor guy he has just two scenes in the whole movie. Adding to that, the villain also proved in this movie about his capability and power that he is not a weak guy with his force which is evident from the introduction scene where he identifies a third person in his godown with the help of the perfume which his henchmen doesn't use. Isn't it funny?

Vadivelu, well after a roaring success of Pokkiri, he is back with Vijay in this movie to fill the humour. But the director failed to understand the fact that when a whole movie can deliver a comical stuff why he would need a specialist in the name of Vadivelu to add salt in the wound. But actually, the comedy scenes are enjoyable in bits and pieces but the poor thing is the synchronization of these comedy scenes to the play of the movie. It sometimes connects well if it comes with the combo Vijay-Vadivelu but often it tends to deviate with totally irrelevant sidetrack comedy scenes. A few scenes made me to serious think what made the director to have such irrelevant comedy tracks. With such a tremendous combo, I still enjoy each and every comedy scenes in Pokkiri but it has successfully played havoc in Sura.

This could probably be the only good part in the review as it speaks about the music and choreography. There were many other actors who wanted to showcase themselves as a great dancer by asking their choreographers to give tough movements which literally make the song to fit in dance reality shows. But the silent man does it so easily. I was stunned with his movements for the song 'Naan Nadandhal Saravedi'. Credits should also be given to the dance master Robert for giving such a beautiful movements and Vijay has danced brilliantly for the song. Another good number in the music is Bommayee song, which is rich with the sets and the catchy hip lift dance movements. But the background score is not that great in the movie. Unlike Pokkiri, though it's a straight lift from the telugu original, it was sensational for the movie and added a great energy to the screenplay. But I bet, if Vijay doesn't possess this skill, he would probably join hands in opening another Jewellery shop storey building along with Top Star Prashanth.

We had 23-am Pulikesi in Pokkiri, we had a Bharathiyar in Villu, we had a Michael Jackson in Vettaikaran. But these are used only for songs. Why the hell we had an Avtar Singh as a customs officer in Sura? Will he not check in the mirror for the so-called get-ups that he picks? And did the director think that the audience are so dumb? Can anyone imagine if a group of henchmen smuggling goods in the ship can mistake a cracker rocket for bullet? Can't they even distinguish between a rocket launcher and an ordinary Sivakasi rocket? It was rib tickling comedy as Vijay's people started firing or rather bursting crackers and that made the smugglers to think that its customs firing shot guns and rocket launcher. Thank God, Vijay didn't opt for any comical stunts to diffuse the bomb in any other means in the climax.

Now we have to give some respect to the critically acclaimed director SP Raajakumar. Immediate question that came to my mind as soon as I heard about this 50th movie was why did Vijay choose this man to direct his 50th movie? On what basis or on what ground rule he selected or trusted or had faith on this wonderful man. The man has given some movies, which many wouldn’t even, heard about it. Even when a debutant makes mistakes we can excuse him being his first movie or when a critically acclaimed director makes a mistake we can excuse him or blame him to own the result. Upon knowing the success of Azhagar Malai and En Purushan Kozhandai Maadhiri and if you are still adamant to work with him, what should I call you in spite of being your 50th film?

Verdict: SA Chandrasekar trusted on Vijay, Vijay trusted on SP Raajakumar, SP Raajakumar trusted on Sun Pictures. It's up to you whom you should trust, but if you trust me, I can save Rs 100.

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