March 5, 2010

Individual Self Respect

Winter is going by and summer is all set to arrive. Here comes the light of hope. All will be over and we will be reborn again. This is what happens in every man’s life. During the darker periods we think on many a thing and often we get confused on what is the most important thing in life. Is it money? Fame? Passion? Family? Or what else?

Here is a man with a difference who is all so well established in all parts of life. He got Money, Fame, Passion, Family and over all a huge fan base spread all across the globe. But what he values the most? It’s nothing but Self-respect. He has taught me and fans of him that self-respect comes first in life than any other thing. Why because all others will follow you for a person what you are.

He is none other than “Thala” Ajith Kumar. He is a man with a difference from tinsel town, where Greed, enmity, politics & vengeance has spread its wings more than Passion for movie & movie making.

Thala is a man with dignity & decorum who always go by rules of his own. His rules are very simple and straight forward. Be truthful to yourself first, never lose your self-respect & keep reaching new heights.

He gets tested in every phase of his life. There are new blockades in every phase of his life with more twists & turns, which he over come with sheer brilliance & Attitude. The current phase of his life is also going through one in the name of “Speech he delivered at the Kalaignar felicitation function”. Thankfully, it is all over now.

Is he crumbling? A big NO. He knows what he did was right and what he said was “absolutely right”. His fans are happy that he is still the same person even after reaching greater heights in his life. This brings in a short “Blast from the past” where we saw Ajith as a one man army supporting the FEFSI workers even during his “Kadhal mannan” days, when he just started climbing the Ladder of game named as success. 13 years later, he is still sticking by the simple rules and may be, it’s just the same reason why he gets tested again.

But one thing for sure is, good things gets tested often and end up evolving as a greater force or power. I am happy to hear the news that Thala gonna take part in F2 racing. As fans, we will support him for whatever he does as we all know when he does things he does it Right and when he speaks something he “says it right”.

Thala, What may come and go… We fans will be with you and support you all throughout your success and failures, ups and downs, winter or summer, darkness or light. We wish you all the success with your F2 racing career and for your 50th project.

Keep rocking and keep smiling & Be yourself as you have always been!!! We Love you for what you are Thala. 

Oops forget to tell you guys why I gave this title. But after going through the content you all can make out.

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