March 4, 2010

Loved and lost

I was fed up of this life
being all alone
wished i had sum1
whom i could adore

then i saw ur face
from a place too far
wished i could be
right where you are

but that was a wish
that could never come true
still the fondness of u
in my heart grew

i stood in the sun all day long
4 a glimpse of u
but u never seem to understand
what u already knew

I have had my highs
i have had my lows
but never had anything
to bring u close

was it my love
or it was just my lust
whatever it was
has been mixed with dust

i may have been childish
i may have been unfair
but u never acted
like u cared

i tried to go
and leave u alone
thought u ll realize
when i ll be gone

but u found sumone
to share ur life
and i was left alone
with my tears to wipe

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