January 20, 2010

Nanayam Review

A full length story on bankrupt makes us eager to know from which Hollywood movie was it inspired or copied as they have at least a couple of movies every year grinding the same plot with different fantasy technology to rob a bank. In Indian slang, a technical way of bank robbery.

A trustworthy bank called Trust bank is the target set here to rob and who/why/how it's done makes the story of Naanayam. Sakthi S Rajan, an assistant to Mysskin has handled this plot in the best possible way he can. He has designed the script with a bunch of suspense and he breaks them then and there to make the screenplay interesting. But before he does that we can easily predict a few at least and know what will happen next? He has inspired the concept of vault and the security systems from a bunch of holly flicks like Oceans series. But it's good on his part that he cared to explain about the plan in a better way so that the audience doesn't think it's yet another fantasy movie. But unveiling too many suspences in one short time could have been avoided during the climax. He has connected the series of incidents in a neat screenplay to justify the bottom-line.

Prasanna, yet again proved that he is a very good actor. A neat role of a bank official has been perfectly done by the young man. He looked calm and matured in the way he handles things. Sibiraj, on the other hand, the role he opted was a good change from his usual stereotypes but still he carries the same voice modulation just like his father. With his physique, he can be a real contender for the top villains in the market. The way he tries nayyaandi nakkal just reminds us his father's style. SPB's character forms the central plot of the movie and he didn't much screen presence to make but has done a decent job. The other henchmen in the movie were decent enough for their role. Ramya Sai was pleasing at places but Suchi's voice didn't suit her at all. Likewise, Charan's voice didn't suit one of the henchmen either.

James Vasanthan is a biggest disappointment for the movie. Except for the master song Naanayam no other song were pleasing. To be honest, neither the song in that situation nor the song itself was pleasing. Background score was pretty decent and quite apt for the movie. Editing was very good especially the fade in-out was used efficiently in the movie. Cinematography was good as well and nothing extra ordinary for the script.

On the whole, though the movie's screenplay moves a bit slow, it's not a lengthy movie to make you sit for hours and it's definitely value for your money with an interesting bank robbery drama.

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