January 21, 2010

Porkalam film review

The Polladhavan villain, the coach of Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu has finally emerged as an hero in the Porkkalam(Battle Field). I would sincerely advise him to do what he is best at. We never imagined when he did the role in Polladhavan. His slang is definitely a gift for Kishore. But the same slang will not help in donning a hero role. He was quite decent in Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu as a coach with regional slang to an accent.

A girl from Andhra escapes and come to Chennai because of forced marriage. She lands in the place of Kishore and he accompanies her. Later when she proposes him, he rejects her proposal and surrenders her to the police station where she was eventually taken to the place where she is supposed to go, Andhra. How Kishore fetches her back is the climax. Well, this template is quite common in Tamil Cinema.

Initial sequences of Kishore portrayal was rib tickling comedy but later the audience were given a so-called shocking surprise during the pre interval scene. The character was literally portrayed as a stupid common man who takes care of public nuisance. Later it was revealed during the climax that Kishore is a blind man. We also have a supporting flash back sequence why he went blind. But the flash back scene was so stupid considering the situation where he desperately need to held his girl from the villains. Well, the director stretches the story by taking Kishore to the Andhra in order fetch his girl back.

He was also portrayed as a perfect fighter in the movie before he was unveiled about his blindness. Later we came to know that he has done a masters in some area related to sound. But the force in the stunts is seriously horrible. Sathyan has done his role to perfection. He almost occupies same screen presence as Kishore and he has done a very good job and also satisfies the humor part of the movie though it's not extra ordinary. The heroine is just used as a doll. I could even count her dialogues in the movie.

Almost 75% of the movie was shot in slow motion. Makers have started to think that if a movie is taken in slow motion and with abundant DI, it will portray the movie as a classic movie. Oh man, why don't the makers think that it's the bloody story and the screenplay which plays a vital role in the movie? Too much color correction throughout the movie is irritating. Even the color of the milk has grey shade because of the color tone used in the movie.

Porkkalam doesn't even deserve a place to be in the battlefield. Please save your money.

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