January 19, 2010

Kutty Film Review

KUTTY is the first movie which i watched in the year 2010. Had lot of expectations on this movie, since its a remake of super hit telegu movie Arya. But Kutty didnt satisfy the expectations due to various reasons.

Story Analysis:

Its all about triangular love story that happens in the college campus with some twist and turns. Kutty(Dhanush) falls in love with geetha(shriya) at first sight. But geetha loves another guy in the same college. Then movie is all about how our hero wins the heroine's heart and the movie ends there.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Dhanush played the lead role, and this kind of college going student role is not new to him. But towards the second half he tried to act, but looked so funny and artificial. He just tried to imitate allu arjun in many scenes who played the lead role in original version.Shriya played female lead role, its gr8 to see her wearing costumes which covers her full body and doing homely role. She did her part well, but her lip movement didn't match with dubbing voice in many places.

Music by devi sri prasad was not up to the mark, songs were below average and had lot of telegu smell. I don't know what for devi sri prasad used bommarilu background music in this movie in most of the places. Director Mithran jewahar didnt do a good job when compared to his previous work in yaaradi ne mohoni. I think the director and actor might be over confidence with the script since its a block buster hit in tollywood.

General Analysis:

Scene by scene they copied from the original version.As i said early it should be named as retake but not remake. I don't know for how many more years our directors are gonna do the same when remaking a movie from other languages. A good director should take the story of the original version,, and build his own screenplay,dialogues, costumes etc., only then the movie will look lively and suit tamil audience. Kutty too faced the above mentioned problem. But still its a kind of movie which can be seen once along with full family.

Expected No Of Successful Run: 30 Days

Verdict: Below Average

My Ratings:3/5

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