February 21, 2009

my first love:)

Falling in Love sure hurts,
It was the first tym i cried,
yet my love ensured tht I was safe enoungh
My Smile made her smile
her hug gave me the warmth i always needed
she wiped my tears wen i felt no one was there for me ,
she made me soup wen i was sick
she kissed me and said you are cute !!
She loved me , she cared for me !!
I know she will keep loving like yesterday !!
I loved her even before i met her, felt her or heard her voice !!!
I will love her forever !! for shez maah best lover !!!
LOve You Mom !! :)


tamil said...

really nice and a touching article:)ur lucky to get such a mom and ur mom must be lucky to get a beautiful son:)cool dude:)

suba said...

yup.. really touchin... anyhw am gna sutufy this and gna say it 2 ma mum on mother's day in return 4 her luv and affection..

Azaad hindustani said...

nice one:) good lines:) Keep growing as a poet:)

karthik said...

adiii pavi suba:)

sure paatii:)