February 21, 2009

will indians win the series after 41 years???

Mahendra Singh Dhoni says India are not favourites although they are prepared to handle the seaming conditions in NZ.

"It's not about what is going around in the media or who is considered favourite. You start from scratch when you go out to the middle. Whatever we have been doing in the past one year we have to do again. It doesn't really change," Dhoni said after the team's arrival.

Dhoni said his team, which plays two Twenty20 matches, a five-ODI series followed by three Tests during the 48-day tour, will have to adapt quickly as it prepares to take on a team that is dangerous as a unit. India has not won a Test series in New Zealand for the past 41 years.

"For me the New Zealand team is more about what they are as a unit, not individuals. That's their asset. They play well as a team. They back each other. They are a competitive side. It will be a good tour if the weather doesn't spoil it," said Dhoni.

will indians  come back home glorious after 41 years???lets wait and see.........

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tamil said...

sure indians will rock there.....ma yuvi darling will win it for india:)