February 23, 2009


A. R. Rahman, the man who has redefined contemporary Indian music, is the pride of the Indian nation and a role model for millions around the world. 

A R Rahman, hailed by Time Magazine as the 'Mozart of Madras', is one of the most successful artistes of all time and according to a BBC estimate, has sold more than 100 million albums of his works comprising of music from movies. 

In 1991, noted filmmaker Mani Ratnam offered A .R. Rahman a movie 'Roja' which was a run-away success and brought nationwide fame and acclaim to the composer. 
The movie also led Rahman to receive the Indian National Award for the Best Music Composer, the first time ever by a debutante. 

Time magazine rated the soundtrack of 'Roja' in their top ten compilations of the all time 100 best movie soundtracks of the world. 
A .R. Rahman is widely considered as the man who single-handedly revived public interest in Indian film music in the nineties. 
A .R. Rahman has won: 
18 Film fare Awards, 
3 MTV Awards, 
4 IIFA Awards, 
Tamil Nadu State Awards, 
6 Zee Awards, 
4 Screen Awards and lots more.


Jai ho Rahman.....proud to be an Indian....


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