April 13, 2010

Things unsaid becomes unheard

Started few months back
but will continue for ever!!!

Distance does not matter
as she lives in my heart!!!

We both are
just like a pair of scissors
often move in opposite direction
but cut those who come in between us!!!

When nights are long
I usually sit by my window
and think of you
with silent tears,
wish you be here near me!!!

I remember the star
hiding beside the cloud
when it saw your smile
knowing that it can never
match your beautiful smile!!!

Plant knows that the flower
will be separated from it
but still it is happy to hold it!!!
I'm a plant holding you
And my dear
you are my flower!!!

In my life i met you
it is the blessing of god
it is the meaning of my life,
everybody knows i'm alive
but nobody knows that
my life pulse is with you!!!

When i saw you
i wanted to say,
When you saw me
i wanted to say,
When you smiled
i wanted to say,
But still i'm not able to say!

Just wanted to know
whether you feel the same
as what i feel!!!

Meeting you in my life
is a pleasure
i always consider it
as my treasure!!!

Things unsaid
becomes unheard!!!

Happiness comes from
within your heart
and not from your

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