March 26, 2010

Different Types of test for Recruitment

Hello mates since am taking up many of the interviews i just wanted to share in various types of test conducted with you people..Lets c about them in detail now.

Aptitude Test

It is conducted to know whether the candidate has the potentials to learn the necessary skills to the work assigned to him.A candidate who is going to be employed as salesman cannot be judged by his academic achievements.His potentials will be judged by his ability to communicate efficiently and answer questions.

Intelligence Test

The object of conducting intelligence test is to test the mental capacity of the candidates.A person's intelligence is measured by what is called 'Intelligence Quotient'.The IQ of a person is judged by his ability to answer a certain number of questions within a stipulated time.

Proficiency Test

It is conducted to measure a person's skill to do his job.For certain jobs the skill of the individual is more important than his IQ or aptitude.A typist's performance , for example, will be judged by his or her ability to type with maximum speed and without committing mistakes.

Interest Test

The purpose of interest test is to measure candidate's interest in a particular type of work.For example, office work consists of maintenance of records and files, receiving and sending mail,managing cash etc.If candidate shows preference for cash management, he can be considered for that job.Interest test enables the employer to assign the job for which the candidate has greater interest so that he can derive maximum job satisfaction.

Personality Test

It helps to judge the personal traits of a candidate.It brings such qualities of an individual as his courage,values,initiative,curiosity, temperament,judgement,likes and dislikes.It is necessary to select executives for an organisation.

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