February 9, 2010

World Cinemas and Your Opinion

* Part 1 : THE problem lies here just bcse we people are watching hell lot of Hollywood or world movies.

There are millions of hollywood/french/chinese/brazilian/spanish/etc... movies in the world.

Step 1 :

We select few good movies that get made all over the world and watch them. There is list of top 250, top 100, oscar winning movies and so on, but what we do is select the best of them all and watch them.

Step 2 :

We reccomend these movies to few of our friends too. They too watch. 50% like them and 50 % doesnt like. The rest 50% who dont like the movie gives a reason that he/she cant understand the movie. So we explaian him what the movie is all about; he will watch it for the second time to relate our explanation. NOW HE/SHE likes the MOVIE.

Step 3 :

People start comparing the best of the selected few movies with the local movie made in Tamil/telugu/hindi/malayala/bengali. They feel like the movie isnt of world standards. They start giving quotes in relevance to the movies that they have watched. By now the guy is used to 100's of foreign made movies.

Step 4 :

Now he/she is too much involved in world movies that he starts comparing every indian made movie with a foreign language movie. He says the Directors here should learn from them on how to write screenplay or how to direct and even starts suggesting the kinda music that should be used. Some times even the camera angle.

Part 2 Step 5 :

Now he is completely against the movies that are MADE IN INDIA. He selects only a hand full of artist/technicians/directors/actors and name them as "The best". The mnovies made by them alone will be called as "classic". Rest all should be called as "peace of crap".

PS : Point to be noted here is .. by now he/she has turned into a complete movie analyst. Judging based on "THE BEST" movies ever made in world cinema... Here "Hey Ram" turns out to be the Classic and badsha turns out to be crap movie.. (sorry .. mee too a kamal fan ... but not a stupid)

Step 6 :

Now is the best part. He starts reviewing the movies and rates them (still comparing with THE BEST movies of the world. Now he starts remarking the directors/actors, asking them to change. (point to be noted here is 90 % of the reviewers doesnt know how a scene is taken also in a movie). He calls himself a critic and pin points only on the bad things in the movie. And forgets to Enjoy movie as a Movie and take up a movie as a "PROJECT".

Step 7 : (Has reasons)

Here he/she forgets the even in world movies there are millions of movies that have come and gone. Where has he/she has scene the best movies alone and the rest. So he/she should understand that CRAP movies are made all over the world. Where as we focus on only the best. Where ever the movie taken unless & until it satisfies the audience it wont be a hit.

Dont take a movie to your heart. If u like spread the "word of mouth" or just leave it to others and let them decide it whether a movie is good or not. Comparing THE BEST with THE WORST or THE AVERAGE movie doesnt do justice at all

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