February 10, 2010

Koundarmani Legend

Well I wanted to be the first one to write an article about my most favorite and one of the all time great comedians of Tamil Cinema, rather in Indian Cinema-Koundamani!

In real life I never miss an oppurtunity to use many of his funny one-liners whenever I get a chance. Or I should say it has become a way of life for me. I am sure there are lot’s of other folks, like me, out there who would endorse my views.

The greatest asset in him is Voice and the great sense of timing. I have heard S.Ve.Sekhar once saying, “I learnt the art of timing from Koundamani”. His comedies were a rare mixture of class coupled with authority. Specially, I am a great fan of his English rendition. My favourites would are ..

”Who is that distaabance” (Sooriyan)..” “Chandru, I see-this-man-does-not-get-license” (Indian).. “Who is that daag voice”.. “Hahaha, So Sad…”

There are a few on screen instances where you would see Heroes who would find it hard to contain their laughter. Some of those were scene from Brahma, where you may see Sathyaraj smiling with his hands covering his mouth. The scene from Riskhamama (pathuttan..pathutttan), Sathyaraj would literally burst into laughter. Even the great Super Star was not spared. In Mannan (strike scene in the night) you may see even Rajinikanth giving up the in the ending sequence. Such was his screen presence. I bet no matter however big the Star may be, the show-stealer obviously would have been Kounder. You may hardly batter an eyelid to any other actor, whenever there is Koundamani. I am sure he has single handedly managed to make even some of the most boring movies watch able. Like, Sooriyan, Koil Kalai, Chinna Kounder, Baba, Uthamraasa etc…

It’s very sad not to see more of him these days. As he is well past his prime, I must say we all miss him a lot.

Some all time favourites of Kounder - I liked.

Koil Kalai- “Ohh, govt job’a resign pannittu porarruro..sori pudicha monna naayi……”lol…His best so far..:)

Chinna Kounder-: “Naalu veedu vaangi thinra naayku pazamaya pecha paaru…”

Nadigan: “Pattima, pattima”…

Gentleman: “Ayyo Raama, yenna yen intha mathiri karisana pasangaloda koottu sera vekkara”…

Uthamarasa: “Un veetla kirikku subbayya ponnu kodukkama, Gorbachev’a ponnu kudupparu..”

Cheran Pandian: “Ennadi ithu jilebi konda…”

And the list goes on…….!!!!!!

Koundamani –Undoubtedly the best!

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