February 1, 2010

Tamil Padam Film Review

Folks, the wait is over. All those of you who were longing for a movie of Hollywood, Jupiterwood , Saturnwood standards , “Tamilpadam ” is your pick. What are you waiting for .Hop onto your bikes & speed straight to the theatres near you showing “Tamilpadam” .This is once in a lifetime experience & “Classic” of this magnitude is very ,very rare to come across in Tamil cinema.

Movie should be watched atleast thrice for you to get a foothold of such a difficult & complex script & the occult themes & messages abound in the movie. Who can’t afford such liberties don’t worry , in couple of days websites & various social networking sites like Orkut & Facebook will be full of discussions & theories “Decoding Tamilpadam”.

James Cameroons , Steven Speilbergs, QuentinTarantinos please give way . C.S.Amudhan has arrived & how . He has redefined the art of direction with his vision of new age cinema. Seamless confluence of history & contemporary as well as time machine & gravity defying sequences are sure to generate a WOW! from one & all & will surely leave the doyens of filmmaking chindown.C.S.Amudhan is here to stay.

Move over – all the “Mass ”/ “Ounce”/”Tonne ”/”Pound” heroes. “Agila Ulaga Superstar ” , “Eluchi Thalapathi” ,”Vice-Captain” Shiva has redefined Heroism. Here after every heroes will knell down with shame unable to match the charisma , style , talents of Shiva. Fairer sex are bound to drool over this next chocolate hero.The middle aged “T.V serial ” watching aunties have got their next “Chella pillai “(boy next door ). He also moves the elderly lot to tears with his emoting skills , especially when he is left high & dry searching for his parents & when he does finally meet them by singing their “family song.” Forgot to mention , he is the next “Kadhal Mannan ” –look out for his romantic scenes especially the “ Bharatham “ scene.

Disha Pandey is the most talented & most pretty faced heroine we have come across over a decade in Tamil cinema. She looks every inch a “Pachai, Manjal , Sivapu Tamizhachi “ & her lip sync is as “perfect” as it may get.Way to go girl & keep rocking. (By the way heard her fans have already started “Bhoomi puja ” for constructing a temple for her “near Trichy.”)

The onscreen chemistry of the lead pair is out of the world.Just sample the expressions these two have worked hard to get in the “Oh Maha Seeya ” sing especially at the “Lollaku dol dappi ma” sequence. Mind-blowing & epitome of romance which will move even those granite hearted of people.

Movie boasts of an ensemble cast of the most talented of youngsters around like “ Venniraiadai “ Moorthy , M.S.Baskhar , Manobala as younger buddies of the hero. Paravai Muniyamma comes in one of the most surprising & shocking characters we have come across in Tamil cinema so far & bound to generate goose bumps when she declares “Ellam pughazhum iraivanukkey..” . Other Gen-X talents like V.S.Raghavan , Shanmugasundaram have showcased their talents amply.

Kannan’s music is a classical mix of folk , melody & modern jazzy footnotes. “Pacha Tamilan ” is a foot tapping number with some amazing footwork by Shiva & very humble hero praising lines & “Karuthu”s. “Oh Maha seeya ” is delightful melody with a innovative & not heard before lyrics which is a tribute to Tamil loving people all over the world.

Nirav Shah’s cinematography amply supports the director’s vision . He excels in the action sequences with many spiral & booming shots.He has tried hard to conceal the dupe of the hero in the action sequences.

“Tamil Padam ” is a must watch for all those who used to watch only Siberian , Afghani , Ukrainian , Sudanese movies downloaded from Torrents & were longing for movies of such caliber in Tamil.

Those midgets who don’t like this movie just go to hell. You all don’t know even iota regarding movies. You better stay away.

Bottomline : Sema Kalaai....

3.5 / 5

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