January 31, 2010

Goa Film Review

“Goa ” , A Venkat Prabhu Holiday – this how the movie is advertised & one need not think hard to decipher the true meaning behind it . Venkat Prabhu , the scriptwriter has had a gala time holidaying at the expense of Soundarya Rajnikanth with his buddies leaving Venkat Prabhu , the director high & dry . He somehow manages to scrap through by borrowing scenes , gags , dialogues et al from his previous 2 & manages to cheat the audience with a mindless ,brainless , soulless , story less , ..less, ..less, …less……..movie.

“Goa ” has no structure what so ever but hangs like a series of disjointed gags which gives one a feeling of watching assembly line comedy scenes in channels like Adhtiya or Siripoli rather than watching a full length feature film. It is really shocking whether the same person who enthralled the audience with couple of movies with taut & engaging screenplay is the man behind this humbug .

Among the actors Sampath shines in a very difficult role which he has done very diligently & dignifiedly. It is a tight rope walk for him for slight exaggeration may made it look like a caricature but he comes through with flying colours .

Premji Amaran like his elder bro tried to play it safe with what comes to him naturally but it does gets under the skins of the audience after a point of time. How long will we be able to watch the same routine again & again . It gets irritating after a while.

Others in the cast have nothing special to do but to look dapper & do some silly gags of their own. Much publicized glam-doll avatar of Sneha is a dam squib.

In Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music “Vailba Va va ” & the theme song are rocking the charts already & bound to stay on the top for long. But re-recording with additional support from Premji strictly follow the previous Venkat Prabhu movies with ample use of various songs & BGMs of yesteryear hits.

SakthiSaravan’s cinematography is breathtaking & showcases the beauty of Goa & Thailand is all it’s splendor.

Expectations were high on this one with Venkat Prabhu in line of a hattrick but the end result is dismal .

On the whole, better book a holiday in Goa this summer rather than venturing into theatres showing Venkat Prabhu’s Holiday & don’t forget to take DVDs of “Chennai 28” & “ Saroja ” ….

Bottomline : “ Enna Koduma Sir Idhu “……

2 / 5

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