December 5, 2009

When You Blink

As the darkness crawls into your eyes,
The pain melts leaving a rage of lies
Seething within your mind,
Tears of sorrow, tears of misery
Means nothing in this world of trickery

You look to the stars searching for gods,
Gods of love, gods of care,
Gods of healing and repair
Seeking that point of light
To glimpse your doomed path
A sorry guide in the night
A journey fueled by wrath

Yet you are scared to open your eyes
And see another of this world's disguise
Sickened of the pain, the farce
Kindness on this earth, deteriorating and sparse
Your soul becoming hollow and locked
Like the millions upon this fated rock

Your hands are tied with hallowed thread
So is your mouth as is your head
Kneeling before a mountain of shame
You ask yourself who is to blame
Who to pray to, the god of love, the god of cheer
Or to the god of suffering and tears

You see the seasons change and your aging per diem
With a clenched fist you rise,
ENOUGH you cry, bitter regret courses your veins
Facing the blizzard, your face frosted with ice
Yet incomparable to the chill of your rage
Clouding your mind, veiling your senses
But numbing the pain and shattering your cage
Releasing from confinement, your pathetic pretense

This farce, this charade
This meaningless facade
Will shatter, into pieces infinite
Crumbles under an iron fist that smites
All this.... When you..... Blink...

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