December 5, 2009


Am done with friendship
Am done with Love
I found they were makeshift
Working Hand in Glove

The ticking clock
The half read book
The muted tv
The silent phone
All reminded me….
I am alone

The photo-less walls
The empty inbox
Spam filled mails
PC full of games
All told me…
I was alone

The prim and proper room
Full done Homework
Cobwebbed games
An empty task board
All told me…
I was alone.
Detest for noise
Love for silence
Bowling alley next door
That I found a bore
All told me…
I was alone.

Feeling like an island
Among a crowd
Feeling like an island
Far out and out
All told me….
I was alone.

The love of my life
She left me alone
She hanged me by a thread
And cut it herself

Only a letter separates
Friend from Fiend
Take “r” out of it
And he becomes a pack of shit

All this has taught me a lesson
Forget about them and the pain will lessen
The hard part is not the pain
But how to forget

It is hard to forgive
It is hard to forget
It is easy to curse
It is easy to cry
Its hard to let go
Its easy to try

Let them be free
And then see
If they come
They were yours
If they don’t
They weren’t yours…

Let go …..
And be alone.

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