September 12, 2011

Love-- connecting everyone on earth

There are thousands of instances in life, where you would have been at crossroads. But once u ve made a decision, when things are going smooth and ur in a honeymoon period you just enjoy things like crazy. Once u feel that something somewhere is going wrong, please take up the responsibility because it is u who had chosen it. Never blame people around u for things when it goes wrong. It is what loosers do in life.

Don't ever take decisions in a second definitely u would feel for it some day or the other.Especially when u say hell a lot of things when ur angry or emotionally not stable, u can tend to it if u have a better class of people around u.But definitely u can't afford to make mistakes which can change ur life. I still believe that it is the love which runs the earth around, despite so many tears which fall down as days pass on.Don't ever say any problems what u face it to others, just face it all alone. Though it is difficult, it is better when we don't share things.Try not to be judgemental about others.

Ego is the craziest character which could destroy u n ur loved one. Never ever allow it to build around u n ur loved ones in the name of anything. Definitely u ll realize the pain the way i do feel for u.   Love in any form does make life beautiful. Love others n b lovable...Let ur inner consciousness rule you. Not anyone anyone, be true to ur heart. Only u know every pinch of what u ve done to others. Anbey sivam ! !


Keisha said...

Very interesting - I think it's true. Thanks. :)

Keisha said...

That was good. :)