September 18, 2010

Endhiran at world's popular theatre

Endhiran will be the first Indian movie in the past 10 years to be screened at the Colosseum, the most popular theatre in the world. This theatre, located in Oslo, Norway, is known for screening films like Matrix and Avatar.

With the THX sound system, the Colosseum houses 925 seats against the usual 700 seats, which is the norm in most theatres across the globe. It is interesting to note that the Colosseum has never screened a foreign language film thus far. Endhiran is the first film to get that honor.

NRI Vaseegaran Sivalingam’s VN Music Dreams and Abirami Cash and Carry have jointly arranged for this special screening. On the reception for Endhiran in Norway, Vaseegaran said that 75 per cent of the tickets were sold within a very short period. He added that Endhiran will be moved to a 300-seat theatre after the first show is screened at the Colosseum.

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