July 2, 2010

Trisha's Opinion

Trisha was asked about the differences between Bollywood and Kollywood, as she had worked in both the industries. The actress said that though there is not much of a difference, one thing she noticed was the films’ promos. She revealed that her Bollywood counterparts are very good at promos and resort to extensive measures to have their film promoted. Trisha stated that in Bollywood, when a film is complete, the crew makes immense plans to have it promoted so that it reaches every nook and corner. She adds that parties, reality shows, dance shows on TV and press meets are some of ways they use to promote a film.

The actress also pointed out that in Kollywood, every film is kept under wraps with the crew not disclosing anything about the film. This generates curiosity among the movie buffs and if the film does not meet their expectations it turns out to be flop.

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