July 10, 2010

Endhiran's Marketing Strategy

Regarding marketing,for any big budget movie promotion will be made for 2 months before the release. I m just saying here for example(for raavanan promotion was made for only one month but we could witness a great response on the release day)then just imagine for the status of superstar,2 months promotion will raise the curiosity of people to sky high…shankar’s previous movies anniyan,sivaji etc., also had hardly two months promotion but they were able to record great openings…

I am having much confidence on shankar’s final product also but inspite of all these one thing that irks me is the involvement of sun pictures,they r not having business ethics at all.even before they advertised for the new stills of endhiran like anything and at the last there were only 3-4 stills which made fans to disappoint upto some extent.

Also both shankar movies and superstar movies will be in the talk from day of announcement to the day of release but that is not the case happening with endhiran,this is mainly because all the daily’s and weekly’s will carry news on their movies(although many r fake) on regular basis which made people to closely to follow it. I was able to see daily thanthi carrying some news abt sivaji at least once per week and all weekly’s also carried numerous coverstories which kept the movie alive but with sun pictures involving in it, no one is ready to carry news like that.

but bringing excitement back is not a big deal, A high profile audio launch will do that. Although shankar is a king in marketing, i fear whether he can do it with sun pictures. Sun pictures may also do overdose marketing which may backfire . So after fixing the date of movie release, they should start the promotion before 2 months starting with a high profile audio launch,release of stills on a weekly basis and 2-3 teasers and a trailor and with rahman’s songs turning into chartbusters and more importantly sun pics shouldn’t annoy people,then everything will fall on the right place. Let’s see what is going to happen?

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