July 7, 2010

Endhiran Audio Promotion Starts in a Different Manner

Though i have been saying Endhiran audio is likely to be released anytime on or after Aug 15 to leave a reasonable gap of about 8 to 10 weeks between audio launch and movie’s release, of late news is spreading that July 31st is the audio launch date. Now that SundarJi has also posted the news, it has got to be the correct news.

Some news are also saying the audio launch is to be held in Malaysia but some other version I heard says it will be held in Chennai only. So far, SunPics, the producers of Endhiran, have not officially announced anything – either the date or the venue of the launch.

However, now I tend to believe that Endhiran audio will be released on 31st July and also the launch function will most likely be held in Chennai. You know how? Today, our fellow-Rajini fan and friend D.R.Prabhu sent me a screen shot of an Airtel mobile phone screen which announced: “RAJINI’S ENDHIRAN AUDIO on July31″. This is not an SMS sent from one person to another. This announcement is mentioned as part of Airtel’s charge balance announcement message to the subscriber.

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