June 16, 2010

What Simbu, even with Elumbu I am ready to act : Tamannah does it Again :)

Tamanna is now No:1 and this Punjabi beauty strictly follows the Tamil proverb 'Kaatrulla pOthae thootrik kol'

Almost all of Simbu's projects used get struck in half way due to his vambu and it was Vinnaiyth thaandi Varuvaayaa which escaped his vambu and managed to get released.  More than expected it did a good vassool in theaters and show Simbu as a very calm person.  While Simbu's story goes this way, Paiya director Linguswamy does not want to take another risk like Paiya and hence he is making a pure commercial movie.  He has identified Simbu as one of the hero for his next which he makes in Tamil and Telugu.

In Linguswamy's movie, Simbu has put a condition that he want Tamannah as his pair.  Lingu hesitated, but when he approched Tamannah with the proposal, the above answer he got from her made Lingu to appreciate her about the policy she has!

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