June 1, 2010

Vijay Fan's Message to Cunning Theatre Owners

The recent reaction of theatre owners after the relese of Sura is one of the worst happenings in recent past. Time and situation changes everyone, but really not to this extent. The same theatres owners who once hailed Vijay as a Messiah to them, have all of sudden been projecting him as someone who has ruined their lives with unreal claims, that even God cannot approve.

What realy hurts is their speeches as if he hasn’t given any profit to them. Vijay is the one who always wishes that everyone from parking boy to theatre owners to distributors and his producers earn profits from his films. And he managed to achive it number of times which even earned him the Minimum Guarantee hero status.

1.If 5 Vijay movies continously failed as per your claims, on what gut feeling you invested 50 lakhs in his 6th consecutive movie? This seriously lacks any logic. A Good business mind won’t commit same mistake for 6 times in a row. They still look at cashing upon his opening power and fans excitement to see collections for first few days. If they say its the trust they had on Vijay it is an escape statement to hide the real source of their losses and shift the blame on Vijay.

2.The 50 lakh MG concept would apply only for theatres in major cities like Chennai, Madurai, Kovai, Trichy, Salem and Nellai. Has the movie been sold for same amount to theatres located in places like Karur, Pollachi, Pazhani etc etc and the other rural areas of TN? We guess the rate is only according to area and projecting it as a TamilNadu wise problem is again a media stunt.

3.What was the Ticket rates for first 2 weeks? Is any theatre following rules implemented by Govt of Tamil nadu? People who saw the movie on 20th day paid a Ticket price of min 100. The first 5 days Ticket prices were 150,200 in many places whereas according to Govt norms it should be 50,75 even for an AC theatre. Few theatres outside Chennai has A/C only in its name. With ticket prices min of 100 till 20th day and reasonable crowd flow as confirmed by those who visit theatres, how could a owner face loss?

4. Just a Small calculation. Lets take a Theatre capacity of around 1000. And a Vijay movie for first 10 days will have minimum 80% Crowd on an average. With theatre ticket prices at a min of 100 and Daily 4 shows, movie sold for 50lakhs. Let keep per Show 800 seats gets filled. Per day 3200 seats(Includes all 4 shows). For 10 days, 10*3200 seats= 32,000*100 ticket cost= 32,00,000.With having 60% average occupancy for next 10 days, with same calculation a theatre would get 24 lakhs back.This itself amounts to 56 lakhs returns roughly with minimum assumed values.Then where comes the claim of money? It looks more like an intentional act to degrade Vijay’s fame in Industry.

5. There is also a point mentioned by theatre owners that Kamal,Rajini,Manirathnam and T.R. compensated them. Let us know one thing.Did Kamal compensate for Alavadhan or Anbe Sivam loss? He did only for Mumbai express which was his own Production. Did Rajini compensate for Kuslean loss? He did only for Baba which was his Own production. Its ages since Maniratnam or TR worked in a project for another producer.So its clear that everyone had compensated only for their own Production. If Vijay has been asked compensation for Aathi its fair. Claiming loss for other movies which wasn’t his own Production is heights of stupidity. If they are really failures, why would someone be willing to invest 50 lakhs on Sura after 5 failures?

6. Even after Sun pics themselves said Vettaikaran is their highest grosser, how can these people call that as a flop? If Vijay movies are been called continuous Failures, then what about most of the heroes who give a hit once in a blue moon and still rated as top heroes on par with Vijay? And calling al movies after Aathi as flops, which includes Pokiri is he most ridiculous thing ever heard recently. And their most unrealistic claim that Sun Pictures cannot be responsible for this highlights their only motive behind all these. How can a distributr selling at a high price cannot be responsible for their loss?!

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