June 3, 2010

Vijay Fan's Message to The Biased Media

The fourth estate called Media is a powerful tool in a democratic country. We respect their power to either construct or destruct with the power of their words. But are they doing justice to the articles they write? Definitely not always. Especially almost never when it comes to what they write about Vijay. Those who are their eye candies get hailed every other day and if they are biased about someone, we are sure to see double standards in their articles on them. The hatred or bias which media has been showing oflate towards Vijay is really shocking and this article poses a few questions to them on this:

1. Many websites wrote that Vijay will be banned following the recent uproar about Sura from few theatre owners. Anyone with commonsense knows banning an actor directly lies within powers of NAdigar Sangam or Producers council and not Theatre owners who are empowered to issue red cards to an actor’s films and not bans. This itself is a clear example of their attitude towards Vijay and what they really expect to happen. We wonder if they can write with same cruelty about any other hero in similar situation.

2.Every now and then we see articles criticising Vijay to the lowest levels of even abusing published in websites and few magazines using unparliamentary language. Aren’t journalists required to have some amount of professional ethics and maintain some levels of discipline when writing about celebrities?

3.Every Vijay movie is degraded with the tagline of “Only for Vijay fans” or by giving the lowest possible star rating with all negatives highlighted. Similar type of films from their eye candy actors or those who are influential will come with a totally different tone from same reviewers, and the star rating would be unbelievably high, not worthy of its value. And the review will definitely have a line which says all negatives are overcome by the performance of so and so actor. They can instead term themselves as fan sites of particular actors which would be more justified on their part.

4. When Sun Pictures, the distributors of Vettaikaaran themselves declared it as their biggest collection grosser, these media still try to project it as a flop. When Vijay movies that have been super hits were termed as just average, average movies are termed as flops and washouts by these media. Why cant they maintain the same scale of box office analysis for their eye candy actors or influential actors?

5. Oflate, there has been a new trend to write letters and requisitions for Vijay claiming it as from the point of view of a fan which are nothing but injecting negatives in the form of sugar coated words when his movies are not received well. Why can’t there be articles from the same fans’ point of view when Vijay delivers superhits, and that time, we can see only “average” and “nothing new” kind of reports which has no meaning when most fans like a film.

6. Why can the media offer free advice for actors who claim themselves as family entertainers yet act in bedroom and exposing scenes, actors who does one movie every two years and yet everytime comeup with similar story of one song millionaire concepts and many others who commit blunders in the name of movis which neither benefits fans nor the people in business? Why do they have to turn their fake attention to Vijay when he has already planned for the change wanted from him?

7. As for Vijay, we have to notice the first and foremost thing that he has avoided any protest that’s against Media in the past as he feels a gratitude that they are ones who strengthed his position to what he is today. Other actors who attend these protests and speak abusive things on the press and media just because they were handed over the mic, as still treated as favourites by media.

8. Vijay is always an easily approachable media friendly hero who has readily agreed for many interviews to even those magazines in the past even when he was hurt by their comments on him and his films. A recent example is his interview to Kumudham inspite of their worst review for Vettaikaaran.

9. If Vijay doing commercial movies is a sin as projected by media, why can’t they offer some guidance to actors who have been acting in similar kind of stories for past 18 odd years or those who miserably fail to deliver bankable movies in a consistent manner and doesnt even speak openly to media?

10. The festival editions, special editions of magazines will feature an interview of Vijay. They put up series about him to boost up ther sales. Yet when it comes to writing about him, it is in the most inhuman way which readily buildsup a negative impression in the minds of the readers. And even when their articles are least related to Vijay they use his face on posters to draw attention. Is Vijay a commodity to boost up their sales and then thrown away when they don’t need him?

This article is not intended to ask media to support or come up with articles that always shower praises on Vijay. We want to condemn their worst attitude towards Vijay and being unmindful of the fan power he has. Its high time they stop spreading rumors and publish wrtings degrading him and his films. They should try to do justice to their profesion in whatever they do. Least, they need to posses some humanitarian traits and give respect for everyone’s feelings.

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