June 18, 2010

Raavanan Film Review

I have no words to explain what i have been through for the past 2.5 hours. I was in totally another world. A world that only a master crafter Mani Ratnam can create. Raavanan is an experience like no other.

Right from the first frame of the film you know you are in for a visual treat. Mani does not waste any time in taking you to the heart of the story.

SPOILER ALERT A Kidnap, a search and moments later you are following Veera aka Veeraiya(Vikram)and his group into the thick dense forests. Veera, a rebel kidnaps Ragini(Aishwarya Rai Bachchan)to take revenge over Dev(Prithviraj). A rock and roll ride into the forest sees us following the lives of Veera & his mates and why they seek revenge. Lives are lost on both sides. Who wins? The Rebel Veera or Dev forms the crux of the story. The story is inspired from Ramayana and Mani has made sure he has added his own flavor and twists to suit the audiences. Special sequences that deserve praise: The bridge fight, the climax, Vikram's dialogues.

Mani could not have found a better person to portray Veera. Vikram sparkles a Veera. Portraying terror , we instantly connect to the madness of the ten heads. Be it the body language, the dialogue delivery, the romance Vikram just nails it with his eyes. They are so expressive that you are drawn to it and he never lets you even wince with his performance. Take a bow, Vikram for the National Award has already found its WINNER! He makes the movie entirely his own.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Ragini has ample scope and has worked hard for this movie physically. She has done a neat job of her role and is the second most important character of the movie. A thumbs up for Ash.

Prithviraj Sukumaran as Dev, the fearless cop who will go any limit to take out the rebel. He is hunky, handsome and has done a very good job. Th only flaw was he looked very much younger than Ash which deterred their chemistry.

Karthik (Gnanaprakasam) after a long hiatus is back with a decent role and he gives us an amazing performance. He infuses comic sense into the film and makes us have a hearty laugh here and there.

Prabhu, Munna as Veera's brothers have done a decent job.

Priyamani, although she has a screen presence of about 15 mins connects with the audience and takes away the accolades.

Watch out for Vaiyapuri as a eunuch & Jon Vijay as the police officer.

Although it is totally an out and out Vikram film, the main hero of the film is the cinematographer Santosh Sivan. Hats off to the man for giving us the breathtaking visuals.(watch out for a dragonfly closeup shot)

And how can i miss Oscar champ AR Rahman, who has breathed life into the visuals. Awesome songs, amazing BGM's and a final song "NAAN VAARUVEN" which has been haunting me ever since i have heard it today. Effing Brilliant!

With Raavanan Mani transports you to his world, a world where mediocre is not used as an excuse. A world where a good film is made into a great one.

Raavanan-The master is at it again!


Truly Indian said...

Yes Of course This is the another extreme film from The great Genius "MANI RATNAM" I watched this movie for 5 times.What a talent He has got to relate the old epic with the new one.

The Kid said...

Loved the movie! Nice review!