June 28, 2010

Koena Mitra Sensuality

Koena Mitra is one of those select few actresses in the industry, who has been an epitome of sensuality right from her foray into Bollywood. Announcing Khullam Khulla Pyaar Kare pretty much loud and clear more than seven years ago in Road (2002), Koena, has indeed come a long way. No wonder, her sensibility and maturity makes her feel amused about the entire hoopla that is created when actors kiss on the screen or expose for the camera.

"I guess we should move out of this mentality and do it real fast. The way the media reacts to something as common as kissing is really strange", says Koena in an exasperated tone.

"In Hollywood, kissing is no big deal at all. If Richard Gere kisses on screen, no one goes and pulls him up by saying that he is doing something odd because he is older today. But here in India, we end up making such a big deal about it even if a young couple is kissing. Come on, show me one couple that doesn't kiss? Not just that, I think we also make so much hoopla when someone wears a bikini", continues Koena who is quite pleased with the way she has been presented on the screen so far.

Koena is particularly amused when actors themselves enjoy the mileage that they gain after doing a kissing scene for a film. Smiles Koena, "The moment the media asks an actor a question around the 'experience' of a kiss or whether he/she was comfortable doing the scene, some of us jump at the opportunity and come up with these quotable quotes. It's one thing to kiss and another to go and actually start discussing about it on national television. Now how amusing can that get." Well, looking at the way Koena thinks that Bollywood should move ahead, rest assured that there would be many more quotable quotes following from the fraternity.

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