June 10, 2010

Kites Film Review

Decade old love story, Awful climax, beautiful camera, good narration, soothing music, Okish Chase sequences, Well pictured love sequences(the on screen chemistry between the lead pair was good enough)...So mixed responses. The final verdict, is the movie worth it ?

YES is my answer(having said that i dint have any premeditated thought or expectations on the movie).

Few brilliant scenes are good enough to make a moderate movie feel good. Even the awful climax had an interesting thing just before end.

I have seen it in many movies(including the latest tamil movie Goa), but conversation between two lovers who had no common language to express their love to each other made the sequences interesting. Mein ullo ke patti hoon and wetting the pants(Mexican dialogue) conversations were good. Its really good to see when we understand what they both say to each other, when they dont understand each other's words...

The first half is racy, and the second half which is supposed to be more racy was dragging a bit. I was afraid if there is going to be cliches of our cinema like friend or well wisher betraying the lead pair. But thankfully no such thing happened till the end.

Narration was so good. It was keeping the suspense element(both in flashback and main course of the movie). Music was good(Zingagi to pal ki is the only song i cud remember though). Leaving the songs, I had a feeling like its not just a bollywood movie and had NEAR hollywood standards. The background music and Camera were surely adorable.

Chasing scene should have been made more racy and logical. No matter what, the movie was engaging and atleast a visual treat for me...

I give 3/5, 1 each for narration, music and cinematography...

Verdict: Watchable

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