May 24, 2010

Kola Kolaya Mundhirika film review

It is indeed a pity that a genius like Crazy Mohan is so under utilized in our industry, especially when we keep churning out disaster after disaster in the name of crappy masala entertainers. If we leave out his ventures with Kamal Hassan, it can be either a case of not able to use him to potential or it can either be a case where you don’t have the actors or team to do justice to his writing. The latest outing “ Kola Kolaya Mundhrika” somehow tries to almost strike a balance and make full utilization of him.

KKM is an out and out crazy ride. You have a Motif ( lost diamonds..some twenty years back.. hidden in a antique chair ( you have 4 similar chairs though diamond is in only one)) + petty thieves after it + comical villain with insanely dumb side kicks + outrageously silly police officer who is after them for a completely different purpose+ ..+..+…the list goes on :).

Its like bread and butter for Crazy Mohan or should I say Pongal Vadai with Filter coffee !! His word play is at its best and provides us several hilarious stretches. Be it the initial sequences at the Punjabi wedding or the instance where they talk about the “Mullu” that leads Luv dada’s death. Writing is at its wittiest best. These are just instances and there are many more and like any of his previous movies, am sure to find some 10 more jokes on a repeated viewing. With him the jokes keep increasing :).

On the flip side, like some of his previous movies here and there he does touches the borderlines of stage drama at times. You also have a completely ridiculous climax chase sequence which was pretty amateur to my liking. These are a few nitpickings here and there, nothing more. But the biggest let down are the songs which had no impact of what so ever.

The actors do a competent job. Karthik Kumar who looks like he is struggling a bit with his comic timing grows on you as the movie progress where Shikha who makes her debut is at completely ease. MS Bhaskar provides with some of the best moments in the movie while Jayaram pulls of his Closseau act competently. You have loads of other actors and veterans ranging from Radha Ravi to Anand Raj who all does justice to their roles. To top it all you have a cameo from the M(oh)an himself !!

Watch it if you like hilarious zany comedies. Watch it for its laugh out loud moments. Watch it for Crazy Mohan!! Do I have to say more :)

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