May 21, 2010

College life

Hello people  just thought of sharing  few incidents which happened in the last few days of college life.It was the heaven, which we didn't realize when people joined there and spent half of the time cursing it and degrading it for most of the time.We are just few months aways for getting the incentive of degrading it.Wonder what ? am talking about the Degree which are going to get.

My college is not one such dazzling one like others with all those hype and other things which would make all the young people to dream of joining it.It is simple but its unique in its own way.My college is almost like a religious institution which gives education for the deserving candidates.Unlike other college which would bent down to the power and other influences which would make them bent down.I guess this enough about my college.

Now let me talk about the people whom i have met in the due course of my studies..As it is well known that there are different people with oscillating character from different castes and economically very well capable ones.The one and only  big drawback what our college doesn't have is girls..May be thats the major plus point as well as the minus one.There are no such hot and dazzling beauties  who make us go gaga over them.For sure any biologically well balanced person would miss them.We did.But like all the married person says we are very happy that there is no one to disturb us.Those shouts and those pains which made them bore and all those stories which we had heard.Made us feel happy.

We also had that extra space where we can share anything..Ya anything which we want...Even all those who got influenced with alcohol and tobacco were enjoying themselves without any disturbance.There are lots more to share about..You can catch them up in the upcoming articles..Let me wrap it up by saying WE MISS U... AND WE ARE SORRY FOR ABUSING U....

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