May 6, 2010

Affluent Beggar

Today morning was like another holiday beginning. I was just flipping the news paper when obscure news caught my attention. Police inChandigarh had arrested an "Affluent beggar."

That beggar was found to be having a mobile phone, television, DVD player and other electronic items were confiscated. He has taken a guesthouse for which he was paying a rental of rs6000 a moth and was there for a period of 2 months. On enquiry he stated that it was the cash proceeding from those who took pity on him and gave as alms. Not plausible right. Hence he was arrested.

There are two was to look at this. My mother's point of view was that why can he not spend the money so after-all it is his and it was peoples free will to give. It was a nice soft view. It was like human right to living and his prerogative to spend his.

My view differed. I felt that arresting him was right how he can be fed and live happily without equivalent work. Worse what if his money was ill earned. This scenario is what we have seen as jokes in movies.

This topic has thrown light into the dark. The life of people we see every day but not understand. What ever may be the story behind the man: he is surly enigmatic and newspaper material.

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