April 10, 2010

Katrina Real life Queen

We all know Katrina Kaif as the hearthrob of Bollywood but there's a humane side to her not many would know. In Madurai she and her mother are giving a new lease of life to girl babies rescued from female infanticide.

On Friday Katrina visited a small village in Madurai, an area once notorious for female infanticide, to open a new facility for toddlers.

A project close to her mother Suzanne, around thousand abandoned tiny tots have found adoptive parents over the last two decades.

Now a regular contribution by Katrina has enhanced the quality of life in this shelter. It has now got an air conditioning for infants, incubators and proper care.

"These are little people, beautiful, talented people bright, but a lot of them are not going to be adopted," said Katrina Kaif.

Although these cute little children have been rescued from female infanticide many of these children are not wanted even for prospective adoptive parents because of their disability. Thanks to Katrina now they would lead a dignified life.

Little Sulekha is orthopedically challenged but she's as lively as anyone her age. Many like her may have to stay at this home for a long time and Katrina's answer to them is Toddlers' Darling for their wholesome development.

"It really makes me to do what all I can to make them lead a better life, a good life," said Suzanne Turquotte, Katrina's mother.

"Our protection to these girls is from womb to tomb," said Father A Antony, Director, Claretian Mercy Home.

Katrina certainly is a role model on how celebrities can help change lives for good.

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