April 28, 2010

Kate Hudson at the killer inside me festival

Hollywood beauty Kate Hudson was left fighting for her modesty after a gust of wind blew up her dress on the red carpet in front of hordes of cameras.

The actress had chosen to wear a thigh-skimming Louis Vuitton dress for the premiere of her new film The Killer Inside Me at the Tribeca Film Festival, reported Daily Mail online.

But she ended up exposing far more than she had intended after the dress blew up in the breeze, inadvertently recreating Marilyn Monroe's famous 'Seven Year Itch' scene.

Luckily her co-star Jessica Alba was on hand to help, diving in quickly to pull the hemline down.

Hudson, 31 is a part of a violent love triangle in the film with Casey Affleck starring as her boyfriend and Alba playing a prostitute.

While the blonde beauty opted for an edgy look, 29-year-old Alba took a step back in time with her bohemian ensemble consisting of a sheer white maxi dress.

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