April 5, 2010

The Informant

Of course nothing, with Whiteacare was what it seemed. Calling himself 0014, because he’s twice as smart as 007, Whiteacare soon became the informant from hell.

Soderbergh tells Whiteacare’s story in elegant, minimalist frames. The film never engages you emotionally.

But it provokes a laughter that catches in your throat because the sub-text is so cynical and sad.

The Informant is propelled Scott Z. Burns’ screenplay, which includes a long-running monologue by Whiteacare, on items as varied as used girl panties on sale in Japan and polar bears. But its biggest strength is Damon’s performance.

The A-list star, wearing a ridiculous hair-piece and 30 pounds overweight, transforms himself into a brilliant character actor.

He is ferociously funny and yet, always, tragic. The Informant isn’t a Soderbergh classic. But there is enough juice and fun here to make it a worthy watch. I recommend that you catch it.

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