March 22, 2010

Vinnai thandi varuvaya - a look back - superb climax

Will she? Will she not? This is the story of 2 young lovers in their early twenties who go through what 90 % of people go through in their lives. That thing called Love. I have been to so many movies with expectations and returned home disappointed. But this time it was not the case. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, a beautifully captured love story is Gautham Menon's visual treat and it reaffirms the fact that he's the best in giving CLASS Romantic stories time and again.

The plot is simple, boy meets girl, boy woos girl, girl falls in love with the boy. The story is cliche`. But to keep the audience glued to the screen with this kind of plot requires a great team and he has got that with Manoj Paramahamsa the cinematographer and A.R.Rahman the immortal musician. There should always be a very good brotherly bondage between the director and the cameraman as Steven Spielberg once said and I hope Gautham Menon has found his brother in the industry. I know Kerala is a beautiful place but to see it from Manoj's lens was a different experience altogether. Also due credit to Trisha and Silamabarasan who are the protagonists in the movie. The way Trisha carried herself as Jessie is definitely commendable. I used to know her as a pretty girl but in this movie she was something more than that. She's by far the most sexiest, classiest and the most beautiful heroine Gautham has ever had in his movies till date. I think the credit should go to Gautham, Manoj and Nalini (the film's costume designer) for making her

look suave. Silamabarasan was at his best in the movie. He totally played down his role which was very important for the movie. All of us know how talented he is, I truly hope he does justice to his talent in his upcoming ventures.

Regarding the romantic scenes in the movie, I am sure this is the only tamil movie where I did not feel awkward when the protagonists were kissing. Such was the class the movie had maintained. Even Mani Ratnam couldnt pull it off that well when Madhavan kissed Vidya Balan in the rain in Guru. The chemistry which Karthik and Jessie share in the movie feels real. The scene where Jessie texts Karthik asking If he was in the train during the beginning of Omana Penne song will relate to a lot of couples, considering the amount of importance cell phone has in relationship these days.

I have often felt movies these days don't use their songs well and to an extent even spoil the pace of the movie. But this movie is an exception. The songs totally blend well with the movie and the background score carries the movie till the end. The malayalam song "Aaromale" is my favorite and was wonderfully placed in the movie.

I am so glad the movie had a realistic ending and again I would like to give credit to the director and producer of the movie who trusted in the script and stuck onto it. I am sure the movie ranks amongst the best romantic tamil movies I have ever seen and will remain in my heart for quite sometime.

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