March 11, 2010

Thanks Maa Film Review

Sensible, Recommended, For Movie Buffs - One of the Best.

I recommend this movie to each and every reader who is mature enough to understand the burning issues around child abandonment.

Municipality (the main lead of movie -national award winner child-Patel) has acted really nice. Story opens with a group of children(all of them abandoned again) from slum. They are used to doing small-time robberies. Soda ( One more good actor -child) leads their gang, and motivate all to go for such activities. Municipality is good at heart. But, he is grepped by police for pocket picking. At the same night, he attempts to ran away from there. Meanwhile he sees a lady put(read abandon) her new born(2days old) baby outside the home and speed away in a taxi. He prevents the baby from being attacked by a dog and takes it with him and decides that he would find the mother and hand the baby to her. Now story moves on as a journey of this small baby and Municipality in pursuit of its mother. The emotions are described very well by Irfan Kamal (director). Municipality names baby as Krish and does everything to take care of the baby crossing the dark sides of Mumbai,protecting the baby at each stage. The journey shows the hard realities of our society, reflects in each and every scene of the movie. Does Municipality find the baby's mother or does he retain the baby like any other abandonded little kid? Watch the movie to understand some spine-chilling realities of the society we live in. Acting and cinematography adds an extra charm to the motion film.

The movie was made before Slumdog millionaire, so please discount any influence from the Brit movie.. And I feel this movie is far better in presentation. Yes, it is purely Indian, with no Brit flavors.

I felt bad when only 7 folks were in the cinema hall for such a good piece of creativity. Though this film is not an entertainer it is very nicely handled and presented. It definitely is engaging and does not give you the feel of a 'regular-award-winning-art-movie'. If you are mature enough and you like movies apart from the regular ones, you will sure appreciate it.

From me, this movie rates at 4 out of 5.

DID YOU KNOW: IN INDIA 270 children ARE LEFT (just with in 1-7days of born), EVERYDAY. Go and see this fact.

Cinematography - 4/5 Acting - 4/5 Screenplay (story telling) - 4/5 Music - 3/5 Direction - 4/5 Overall -4/5

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