March 18, 2010


And so!
I fear the dog
And the dog fears me!
I fear the cat
And the cat fears me!
The lizard on the wall,
Yea! That fears me,
And I fear it,
The lizard on the wall.

I run away from them,
And they run away from me.
And oh! We are so far away.

And indeed the world is so!
I fear you,
You fear me.
I run away from you,
You run away from me.
And the distances increase,
And we are so far away,
Too fear to hear,
One another's cries-
Cries of joy
And cries of pain.

Only if we had,
Tried to overcome the fear,
And come a little closer,
The world would have been,
A better place to live!!!!!!!!!!!!

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