February 17, 2010

You and Me

You and me, hand in hand,
Walking together, on the wet sand.

The footsteps behind we leave,
Are witness of our love I believe.

When the sun gets ready to set in the west,
And the moon comes out full at its best.

When the water of the sea touches your feet,
I’ll open my arms to give you the heat.

This very moment I wish never last,
But soon you realize the limits you passed.

You push me away to get out of the lock,
I’m still trying to come out of the shock.

You run away giving a naughty smile,
I try to follow you till the next mile.

You keep eluding me like a butterfly,
And I keep wondering where the end of the sky.

In no time you go out of the sight,
I can’t see you even the moonlit is bright.

Please come back, I know you are teasing,
Still I’m worrying, you know I’m freezing.

Since the day you have gone,
I’m living but all alone.

No one is here to see my tears,
Of course I have my nears and dears.

But the place you are having in my mind and heart,
No one can replace even a little part.

So turn back and keep your words,
Don’t you know how much it hurts?

I won’t complete the poem until you’re here,
I want you to write the best rhyming pair…..

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