February 12, 2010


I was confused to pick between Rann and Ishqiya but gave priority to the later coz of my belief in Vishal Bhardwaj and Nasiruddin Shah. Still I was expecting it to be an ‘just above average’ movie.

Nowadays you don’t need to watch a whole movie to know what the movie is about and what happens. You go and watch the movie only to know how it happens. Take MNIK, its two weeks from release n u know the story line and whats gonna happen in the movie. You may(im not) go to watch how its gonna happen.

With Ishqiya, the best thing they have done is that the promos never let you guess a thing on the storyline. I had felt the same about Kaminey.. Many important scenes never came on television but they did show some scenes which is not in the original movie. Watching Ishqiya songs and promos, I sometimes felt it was a movie inspired from a not so famous Malayalam flick “kannezhuthi pottum thottu”. But its not and I’m not gonna write what it is.

It may not be a perfect and superb movie but it’s interesting and entertaining. It has got some points where you wonder what direction it’s gonna turn. The UP-Bihari hindi is tough to understand but is nice. And the funnier part is here in around Delhi, most people come to watch this kind of movie to hear nice ‘gaali’ from the screen. The use of those ** words may be to attract these audience but it’s a reality, those words are so common and if the movie is about common people, it gives the real life touch to the characters.

The casting done is so nicely, makes you feel each character perfectly made for him/her. Vidya balan came up with yet another good performance. Arshad warsi is so funny and lively where Naseeruddin shah did a good performance for a role which didn’t ask for much of his talents and experience. Some other actors (I don’t know their names) like Shah’s brother-in-law and Vidya Balan’s Husband were other small but important charaters.

Another best thing about the movie is that you get to see something fresh.A different movie for people like us bored of watching goose bump movies based in NY and London. It shows a different part of India. Like Omkara, the locations are so close to original.

The music is very good, especially ‘dil to bacha hai ji’. The lines are so awesomely written to go with the ‘aam’ characters.

The movie may be about the common people or about the not so known areas in north India, but the film is not for them. That’s the fact. Here most doesn’t even know if a movie named Ishqiya is coming or has released. The movie is purely aimed at multiplex crowd. And with the number of multiplexes increasing we may get to see movies like this coming again.

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