February 3, 2010

Fun for u

For those who have seen and marveled at the vintage classics of World cinema, you couldn't have missed the fact that they are based on great books. Just imagine the quality of a film if its based on a book that already reads like a bollywood potboiler. That is precisely how one could define 3 Idiots. Make no mistake, the film is - as the director pointed out is only loosely based and adequate changes are made actually cater to what we now call as the "Bollywood audience". Yet, the movie borrows its best moments from the book.

Aamir Khan (Rancho), Maddy (Farhan) and Sharman Joshi( Raju Rastogi) are 3 friends having whale of a time in college, its a typical bollywood college with strict and funnily lisping principal. The characterization of the 3 idiots in this film is strikingly Dittoed from the book. Aamir as the brilliant, bright and erudite guy who wants to enjoy learning and keeps telling his friends the same. Maddy can easily call himself the "forced" engineer, as his love lies elsewhere in clicking pics, while Sharman is a poor young guy from the village who has an ailing mother and to be married sister Maddy and Sharman are the low graders while Aamir always manages to get the first rank- the reason he attributes to his phenomenal success are- For me engineering is passion, you guys see it as a marks...Let learning be a passion, says Mr Rancho.

Farhan and Raju follow one dream, a dream that would give a great life for Raju's family and a dream which would fill the heart of Farhan's dad with happiness.Its a dream that the 2 families share, that is to see their sons end up with a job. All the fun that ensues and the funny experience that 2 idiots go through is towards that one dream. Aamir is not bothered about a job or even marks, he says "Excellence will bring success automatically".

As most of the these films go, the principal is pissed with Rancho's ideas of education(Perhaps, Rancho's lectures on how education system is flawed), and he is almost sure that he is man behind spoiling Farhan and Raju's grades. He tries to put him in his place but every effort is thwarted and ends up in vain. Pia (Kareena Kapoor), daughter of the strict principal(As usual) is coochie cooing with one of the idiots - Rancho. They fall in love and a good enjoyable song is danced out, which I confess, I enjoyed.

Mayhem ensues when Raju is caught doing mischief outside professors house. He is asked to turn the "Approver" and Raju does not budge, so he jumps down a 3 story building and damages his arms, and brains. He gets the job; All is well and smiles and hugs are shared- and A twist. Aamir just gets into a car and vanishes. from the college, from pia's life and from his friends life. How they find him is the question that is answered in the final segment of the film.

Although it stays loyal to the book in most of their college life, the lives of these 3 young adults change - post college. The post college story is brief in the film, but the ramifications in each of their life - post college is significant. The comic instances in the book like flicking the question paper or entering the professors house are religiously followed. The principal's role, acted out with good finesse with Bomman Irani is effective, it is not just funny all the time like how it always is...especially in a comedy film.

The movie is a pot boiler, but with an innovation. It does not have skimpily clad heroine, does not have terrible nasal blowing singers trying hard to create an impact. Except for the 10 minutes in the film, nothing seems forced and effortlessly falls in to place - Thanks to Chetan Bhagat. It has its pitfalls too, Seriously, I expect much more from Aamir, of course, this movie is not boring and satisfies the basic expectation, but shouldn't he pull up the gear, esp after Taare Zameen Par?

Casting seems to evoke a response intially with Aamir and Madhavan - It goes like this - "What? Madhavan and Aamir as a college kids?".

3 Idiots is not a film which should have been done by Aamir khan and Maddy. Although I would excuse 40 plus Aamir in exchange for his good screen presence and successfully "clouding" his age in this comical role> But no such leeway can be given to Maddy who looks pretty much more like a brahmin NRI from the US than an engineering student. No where close. Sorry!

The dialogues in the film has been well written, All is well replaces Munnabhai Lingo. Pre Interval speech in Shudh Hindi, brings the house down literally, although it is not pretentious but direct sexual references, it is enjoyable. nevertheless. The songs become a formality, but the duet with Kareena is enjoyable.

Aamir Khan fits the role, but for his age which shows in many places. Maddy and Sharman also do a very good job in this film with good number of laughs. A movie meant just to make you laugh, panchathanthiram style. Looks like Aamir has made a winner, Yet again.

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