January 9, 2010

The vision has to change

What is the today's mindset of youngsters in Tamil Nadu??

They want to live in a safe life.They want to live in a flat, they need a car, a mobile and they want to enjoy movies in multiplexes with a beautiful girls.There are the dreams they are dreaming today.To achieve that they seek a White collar job.They want to work in IT companies,Software Companies etc,

Cinema :

" It's a magical mirror " said by a man. "If I go to Chennai and if i get a chance, I will be like the person, my position will be like this tomorrow". With the dreams like these a lot of people come to Chennai to join in Cinema.How many of their dreams were successful today.By seeing one or two shining people most of them lost their life.

IT :

" After, I complete my twelfth standard, I am going to join B.E. I.T. After that i will, get a good job and I will get a good salary. Then, I will settle in my life earlier than my friends".This is the dream of the maximum number of middle class students and their parents too.Without knowing their interest and what they can do they are dreaming like this.Finally what is happening in the beginning of their college life they find out that they are unfit for IT.But they have to do because they have paid fees.They can't leave their study because they are middle class. Finally, they can't continue and they can't leave the education.They will be subjected under stress.

These are the two fields that attract the people today.Many doesnt know a lot of people's position who had perished due to those fields.

But nobody here are ready to think about the agricultural field.That is the only field that can give food to the entire world.Politics how many of us are interested in that?

A large number of people accumulate in a same place. But , they forget a beautiful world is outside to live. When are they going to find out?

The vision has to change !!!

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