January 25, 2010

Shambo Shiva Sambho Film review

SSS (Shambho Siva Sambho ) which got released for Pongal is the remake of last year 's Super Hit movie Naadodigal .It has got a Good opening with a positive Talk all over AP but Websites have not lent out Decent reviews which this Movie deserves .

This time It has also worked well with the Telugu Audiences . Samudrakani has done a good job in Altering the movie to greater extent to suit the Likings of the Audiences in AP .He has also done a important role in the movie & he has no dialogues , he comes through out the 2nd half of the movie (this char is the one who comes just b4 the interval bang helping Sasi Kumar After he rescues his friend & his Lover )

The Biggest Suprise is that Our Director / Actor Sasi Kumar makes a Cool Cameo in the Climax for a Min (last scene at the tea shop ) He speaks good telugu (dubbed his own voice ) , This one had a got great response here when i had seen it a few days back . Coming to the Movie ....

Ravi Teja plays the lead role of Karna & he has done very well in emotional scenes & priyamani plays Annanya Role . The Role which stands out with a stunning performance is the role of Allari Naresh who has done the Role of Bharani (Pandi ) . He manages to shine well in both Comical + Powerful scenes involving Dialogues . Shiva Balaji has also done justice to his character . Abinaya has repeated her Magical performance which she had done in Naadodigal .

There really no sort of domination seen anywhere in the movie & every one perfectly suited their character well . Roja has the Politician role , she plays Ravi Theja's Friend 's mother .Mukesh Rishi ( Comes as Villain for many VijayKanth / Balakrishna Movies has done the dad role of the girl . )

Others related to family members of the lead Actors done come out with decent performance .

The 1st Half was Racy with all the ingredients that audiences look out for a commercial Movie . The second seem to drag a bit due to overdose of emotional content which results in slowing the momentum that was there in the 1st Half .Anyways they had repeated 90 % of tamil version so cant help with this one .

The ending may be new to Telugu audiences as it varies from Routine Movies where both the lead pair Unite , This is a welcome change & most have accepted & encouraged this brave attempt . Usually a stereotypical telugu movie ends with a Climax Fight / Pre - Climax Mass song & here there is nothing sort of this . More of different attempts will be loved if SSS becomes a Hit in BO

Songs have be retained from the Tamil Version & telugu nativity seems to be less with this aspect . Shambho Siva Shambho BGM rocks all though out the Movie .Good work done by Sundar C babu .

The camera work was done by P.G Muttaih who has worked for several tamil flicks has done a good job shooting diff camera angles .

On the Whole SSS is a realistic Attempt Made . Looking out for more of such in telugu cinema if Audiences re supportive .

Rating :2.75 / 5

Verdict : Good Movie & Give it a try .

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