January 3, 2010

Isolated Emotions

Doesn’t sorrow feel delighted when
It strikes with a passionate misery?
Or frightened with the stark reality
That it is only living on lamentation?

Doesn’t fear seem to be content as
It desires and lusts behind affliction?
And finally achieving its own horror
Does it ever feel a sense of security?

Does love, being repudiated, endures
The remorse, the axiomatic certainty
Of facing an encounter with hatred
That torments its exasperated self?

Submission, sometimes must meet
A victory over trust and resistance,
And does it, then, feel confident
About never letting go of its faith?

Does envy, when it gets the more
Of everything it was wary about,
Drops its garb of jealous appearance
And prides in its fleeting affluence?

Do emotions forsake one another,
Or share an integral togetherness?
Isolated or are they hand in hand,
Sorrowfully loving a fearful life?

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