January 27, 2010

Illayaraja and kamal combination

Ask any ilayaraja die hard fan what he/she considers, ilayarajas 10 best background scores, and dont be surprised when u find out that atleast 8 out these 10 films star kamal haasan and/or are wriiten/produced by him.

The reason for kamal + ilayaraja being the best ever combination indian cinema has ever seen is simple. Kamal himself is a student of music. HE learnt carnatic music under Balamuralikrishna, the legendary carnatic musician. So kamal has a very keen sense of music and hence is able to pour his inputs to ilayaraja and is alsoable to judge which piece suits which scene because of his unparalled knowledge of both cinema and music.


1. DEVAR MAGAN - vaanam thottu ponal (this is my personal favourite. it blends so well with the calm-after-the-storm-climax of the movie and kamals mindblowing performance... truly i dont think any other musician can compose such a piece of music

2.Mahanadi- the violin bit when kamal kisses suganya... this and ilayarajas guitar in ilayanila are the two major instances when u realise why he far far better than AR RAHMAN in the use of individual intstruments.

3.GUNA- partha vizhi partha padi... by far yesudas's best rendition till date... the song has a huge effect on the mind of the listener and the scene is equally stunningly shot.

4.Hey ram:- isayil tongudhu amma... just listening to song, we realise that its an alcohol fest thats being potrayed. IT is an extremely addictive song sung by hindustani singer Ajoy chakrabarthy. It is very difficult to compose and involves very complex ragam and talams

5.punnagai mannan - the violin running in the background when kamal and revathi dance.. believe me, 85% of my classmates still have it as their ringtone,,

6. mmkr:- the theme for kameshwaran... utterly impossible for anyone else to compose.. it is truly a masterpiece, the instruments used and the effect they create, the image they draw- beyond explanation- really

7.Rajaparvai- the finale- violin concert- in two simple words, its an AURAL TREAT

8.Vikram - the video u are watching now has the best of the best action BGMs and would rate higher than most BOND background scores.

9.saagara sangamam... relevant/point-making bgm at its best, raja brings out classical songs which literally reflect the situation in progress a real CLASS ACT

10.moondram pirai.. ilayarajas score is often not considered the highlight of this movie because there was a bigger technical brilliance of balu mahendras photography on display, but ilayaraja does steal the scene on some occations, especially the poongatru song,,,its like eating "DEATH BY CHOCOLATES" when u listen to this song , eyes closed, and its like eating "3 DEATHS BY CHOCOLATES" when u also look at its picturisation..

Special Entry: Aboorva Sahodrargal - Raaja proves he is THE man for commercial pot boilers and its evident in the climax sequence. But is that all? Who can forget the out of the world 'love failure theme' of appu that has since then become the standard for such instances..

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