January 11, 2010

Dancing to the Earthy Abode

I mingled with the mourners.
They were mourning my untimely demise.
I tried consoling my wife who wouldn't be consoled.
I wiped away my children's tears but they wouldn't dry.
I talked to them but they wouldn't listen,
For their ears were tuned to the priest's eulogy.
I stepped up and peered into my face.
I noticed a wicked smile bloom there.
I saw them pick me up with a struggle.
I sprang up under the coffin and lent a hand.
Pall-bearers were always the strongest.
So I left them and took lead of the party,
Held the tip of my hat to straighten it.
As I danced my way to the earthy abode,
I still couldn't fix my feelings- fear, fate or frenzy?

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