January 29, 2010


oh no, what have I done?
the peg toppled and now the liquor's staining it.
oh my poor poor fabric suit!!!
I can't believe it.
can you?
oh the last night was a success. Bliss it was.
let me tell you a secret.
I love irritating her.
I love the look when she broke the circle.
it fragmentated and oh! I love it so much.
I love it as it licks my hand.
I love it when it sucks her inside.
and love it when it vanishes like
a handful sprinkle of darkness.
I can't believe it.
can you?
Now, refilling the peg, sitting alone
I can see the petals.
they are falling in a steady flow
their smell reminding me of... of the liquor!
they are falling upon the candle lit.
oh how that burning smell will irritate her!
I can see it.

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