December 16, 2009

Love Garden

I am the garden that make lovers meet
My morning starts when their evening dawns
And tired hearts after office hours turns to beat
With bare feet they are wetted in dew of my lawns

I have seen lovers from their budding stage
When innocently they look like two ships stare
And the sea of love between them float and gage
In soft susurrus waves they tinkle and care

First eyes steal a glance with a guilt of feel
Again they meet for that guilt was too sweet
Thrice their eyes meet, trying the hearts to steal
And last they meet along with their hands in greet

I shake a leaf to drift from one stem so high
To tease the pair of ‘leaves’ locked in love below
Sleepily it falls without even a sigh
Oscillating with the love-wind’s flow

My leaf might not have rested on their ears to tinkle
Nor my sun flowers have them stare awhile
My wind’s poke felt short to melt their warmth to rekindle
But still then, my face was lit with their smile

Then I brought the nightingale to my aid
Which was crooning a song to an ignorant tree
I muffled it from there to where the lovers laid
In arms, shying but longing for some tune in plea

The tune grew in length giving them company
As the lovers rested their lips and stopped chirping
First their hearts, then their feet drunk the melody
And tapped in tune gauging the nightingale sing

Every evening such paired little fairies come
In my shade with silent feet to talk with the trees
And often with the nightingale they start to hum
While I touch them lovingly through the breeze

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