December 9, 2009

In A Transient Spoon of Eternity

Have you ever questioned life from the eyes of a leafless tree?
All its beauty is lost like the poet who has written his last
But see the tree that’s blessed with leaves standing proud
Does it also know one day all its poems will exhaust?

Flowers in bloom or their reflection in the steady pond
Are false metaphors for eternity since one day the flower
Would lose its bloom in nature’s lap and its image in water
Would dissolve with the slightest kiss that a swan would shower

We care for our clothes thinking they would love us beyond our grave
We care for each petty applause that feeds and adds to our pride
We nourish our preferences till they become personality
But we fear that one day all will be part of a transient ride

The lines through which this poem breathes would be lost somewhere
You and I would become souls hungry for a rebirth
But this is the time that’s holding you, me and this poem together
Lets halt this time before it loosens our ties from this earth

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